Patent consulting

Information exchange with an inventor is always confidential, conversational and reciprocal. Since the beginning of the development of Edico, I have made use of its information exchange service online, presently Edico and earlier its predecessor.

Presenting an invention using documents written by an inventor requires an easy but reliable and confidential system. Because the inventor does not have to sing up for any particular information transfer services to protect confidential material, I recommend the Finnish Edico. It has become a convenient and reliable channel for information exchange for myself and my clients for the duration of the whole patent application process.

Reijo Kangasmäki
Patenttikonsultointi Kangasmäki Oy (patent consulting)

Health care

We have used the Edico service for delivering files, requiring a high degree of data protection, to our partners since the beginning of 2018. The partners have access to an easy way for repeated information exchange by signing up for the service using their passwords.

For our clients, the use of Edico has been convenient and we have found it to make our work easier, too. Communicating in the chat tool works even when we are not on Edico at the same time. Transferring, storing and removing files has been intuitive and easy to learn. Data security has been taken care of according to modern requirements.

Juha Hoskari
Hammashoitoasema Dentti (dental care center)

Legal affairs

We have used Edico for a couple of years now and we have been very satisfied with the service. We are particularly pleased with the accessibility for the recipients because they do not have to create an account for themselves. Additionally, I have been positively surprised by the fact that my suggestions for development have been received and implemented so well. Thanks to the suggestions, file management has been made easier with commentary and signal colors that can be used for providing additional information for the recipients and from them to us.

Henri Ratinen
Laki- ja yrityspalvelu Ratinen Oy (corporate law)

What can I use Edico for?

How to send or share large files (photos, videos etc.)

Anybody can have a need for sending large files for their friends or clients. Sometimes the files are so large, that emailing them is not an option. Edico offers a brilliant solution for this problem, too!

After her birthday party a woman wants to share pictures, taken by a professional photographer, to her guests. She also wishes, that the guests would send their best photos of the party to her, too. She buys Edico S for one month to share and present high-resolution photos to as many guests as she wants. The guests can download the pictures they want to save for themselves and upload to the Edico folder the pictures and videos they want to share with the others.

A client wants a marketing agency to prepare a minute-long video and they have to send large photo and video files to the agency. The client buys Edico S for the time of the project. Through the Edico folder they can transfer the files to the marketing agency. Also, the marketing agency can transfer or present the different versions of the video to their client in the same folder, and the client can comment them in Edico chat. The final product can be uploaded in the same folder by the agency and then downloaded by the client.

For many of us video calls in mobile apps are something we use every day. But there are still people, who don’t have a smartphone, but they do use a computer and have an internet connection.

I was taking care of my grandchildren and my 94-year-old mother-in-law called me to find out how I was doing. I said that I could show her a video of her great-grandchildren playing. For this I opened an Edico session and uploaded the video from my smartphone. I sent an invitation to the session to her by e-mail and told her to open her computer and check her e-mail. She did so and clicked the link. I had already opened the video, so I could present it to her straight away, and we could discuss it by phone while watching it.

Sending confidential files

Companies and other organizations do often have confidential information, and they need a secure platform for sending or sharing it. For those, who need to share confidential information often, we recommend to have an annual contract with Edico.

A law firm sends and receives contracts and other confidential information all the time. They use Edico for transferring the files. Contracts and confidential files can be shared both from the law firm to its clients and vice versa in a mutual session folder. During the session they can discuss the case in Edico chat.

A major merger is about to happen, and the companies involved wish to keep it low until they are ready to make it public. The messages and documents considering the merger, should be transferred in a secure connection, and the companies bring Edico into use. Now the documents can be shared confidentially both within the companies involved, and between them. The negotiations can be held in a secured Edico chat.

A foundation is about to give out grants, and the council, that should make the decision, is located in different parts of the country. The applications do include private information, such as personal data and detailed plans of future projects, that the applicants do not want to bring into open before they can be sure about financing. The foundation uses Edico to share the applications with the council. The council can discuss the cases in Edico chat and share their final decisions in a new Edico session later.

A new chairperson and a secretary are elected for a local sports club. Their predecessors should send them the digital archives of the club, but there are several documents holding some private information in the archives, such as lists of members and contracts of employment with the trainers. The club uses Edico, so they can transfer even large files without the fear of the information getting into wrong hands.

Running a webinar

Edico has excellent features for presenting documents. That’s what makes it a great tool for those, who organize lectures and webinars.

One of my colleagues, a consultant, is physically disabled. He wanted to give a lecture for a group of people. He converted his PowerPoint slides into jpg format, took a video call in another application with the group, so that they could hear and see him in the video call, and see his slides, presented with Edico’s tools, in a larger screen.

The participants said that this feature of Edico presented the slides with an excellent quality. They could also see the lecturer in the other application and were able to communicate with him.

  • A guru holds a lecture to a company’s strategy meeting, that is held in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with the help of Edico and his phone.
  • A remote lecture by phone whenever the internet connection is poor but the material can be presented with Edico.
  • There is a training going on in an auditorium. Some of the experts are not on the spot, but they can show their pictures from the field and tell about them to the audience through their smartphone, using Edico.
  • A webinar when the participants are in different locations.