Sharing confidential information with Edico Lite

Register in the session folder and log in again

On the Edico Lite website, the session opener has two options for registering to access the session folder.

The first option is to enter his/her email address and private session password to register in a session folder with a randomly assigned number. Once registered, Edico will send an email to the opener with a link to access the session folder .

The second option is to register using Facebook credentials.

If the opener chooses the Facebook registration option, the session folder number will not appear in the email. The e-mail address and password or Facebook credentials can be used by the opener of the session folder when logging in again. A private or random (provided by Edico) session password, which can be changed if desired, is intended for invitees to log into the session folder (see Participate when invited).

Sharing and saving files is valid for 48 hours at a time

However, it’s important to note that Edico’s online folder files are not backed up to the cloud, and the folders are intended for short-term storage and file sharing within the opener and invitees. Material shared in the folder can be downloaded to the parties’ computers and uploaded from there. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that a backup of the file is created.

Video conference

Invitation connections to the video conference are already available for participants. Therefore, no invitations are sent by email. Connections are opened in the session using the service’s application

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