Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t ! Just follow the Edico link you received, insert the given session password, and you’re good to go! A registration for Edico Lite is required, and  when you start using Edico S, G or Edico CS/G, that means saving your files for longer than 48 hours and more storage space. If your client wants to share or present their files to another participating person, he/she does not have to register, too.

Information shared in an Edico session will be accessible only to the members of that session. Only those in possession of the link and the password can access the information. When the session is closed, the information is deleted from the server.

All files are secured with SSL protocol in Edico. When you invite others to participate in an Edico session, they will receive a link by e-mail. You can add your folders’ security by adding a password for the session, that you give to those you invite in a separate message for example, by SMS. Edico’s servers are located in Finland, within the borders of the European Union.

No, the owner of the session folder can define, if you need a password or not to join a session. He or she can also add a password later, then the folder is no more open to others and  the owner wish to make it more secured. The owner can also change the original  password.

There is a free Lite version and also enhanced paid versions for personal and corporate use. You can create a new Edico Lite folder for as many times as you wish, but every time the usage is limited in 12 hours. You will have  one time opportunity to use the extended Edico S version for one month or change for G version, when you leave the session.

When you present files remotely to other participants, they will see the original document on their screen. This patented technology shows the files with considerably higher quality than any streaming technology used for screen sharing. It also works, when the internet connection is poor.

We recommend you to save the PowerPoint slides for example as jpg files, then you can present them with ease and high quality. Other file formats, acceptable for our presenting tool are gif, bmp, and png.

Yes, Edico is designed to be used on both tabletop and mobile devices. Edico is used in web browser, so you don’t have to download any new apps to use it.

Edico’s chat offers a great tool for interaction, many the other services don’t provide any similar tools. Edico presents the documents with the browser’s pixel resolution, which is better than that of other display sharing methods. In addition, Edico doesn’t require as much transfer capacity. You can add comments into the files, you uploaded, and group the files by using different signal colours. Our servers are located in Finland, within the borders of the EU.

Yes, they can, and also, they can present documents to other session participants.

Only in the Edico Lite session folder the files will be deleted automatically from our server when the session time 48 hours is over or when a user deletes them. In the paid versions the documents will be held in the folder for as long as you pay for the service or until you delete them.

Edico’s paid versions do limit only the number of the users, that are logged in a session folder at the same time (you plus nine others). Outside the session you can share the link and the files for as many persons you want to, and it is valid in the free-of-charge Edico Lite, too. The highest number of simultaneous participants in the Edico Lite session is three.

Edico is developed by our developers continuously. If you have any suggestions for them, please contact our customer service.

Go to Contact us page to find the contact details of our customer service.

Edico is latin and it means, for example ‘I say out’, ‘I declare’.