Edico – a reliable way for saving and presenting files

Edico is a secure solution for saving and transferring files in session folders. Edico can be used in several different sectors and for personal purposes. Edico is useful practically any time when confidential documents are used, information is gathered or files are shared. Edico can be used in law firms, patent offices, and other sectors, requiring safe file sharing. It is also an excellent tool for salespersons to present  and offer products remotely.

Share files securely

With Edico you can save and share files in a secured session folders. You may give presentations over Internet, collect files and documents from a project group from all over the world, share large files to your customers and photos to your friends.

Edico is a safe and secure way to save and share files, big or small. It is easy to use, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection, no need for installing software or applications. And there is no need for the recipients to register in a new service.

By using the phone and phone number in your Edico account, you can make sure you’re the right person when you’re in touch with your partner. See Participate the invitation session

This is how Edico works

Open one of your session folders, upload your files and send a link and password to your selected recipients. During the session, you can share or show files in real-time and also collect them from the other participants. You can chat with each other in the session folder and save the chats if you want to. Files can be collected from your shared folder whenever convenient for the participants.

Your information will be handled confidentially with Edico, and only the participants of the session have an access to them. We want to offer you a solution that makes sure that your files will be shared only with those who you want to. The information in our cloud service is encrypted with SSL protocol and all of the data is saved within the borders of the European Union.

By logging in Edico Lite you will have  one time opportunity to log in the extended Edico S version for one month or change for G version, when you leave the session.

See more, take the manual

Explore Edico
Click here to join an Edico session ( password: EXPLOREdico ) and explore it as a visitor. You can upload documents to the session folder and study files, loaded by the participants. You can send email to the opener, owner, and administrator of the session, and chat with all of the participants.

Edicto Ltd

What is Edicto?
Edicto Ltd is a company that has created Edico.

The mission of Edicto Ltd is to create an easy way to distribute confidential information and to present it securely for its customers.

The new Edico CS / SG version is presented on Edicto Oy’s website. It is developed especially for business needs, collecting confidential documents and eSigning, see more about  SignHero-service.

The predecessor of Edicto, Curiositas Ltd started to develop a new service called Edico using the newest software tools in 2016. The method utilizes a patented presenting method and we have a new patent pending on the topic of “A method and system for sharing and presenting of confidential information on the internet”. We have founded Edicto Ltd for the marketing and distribution of the service and bought the Edicto cloud service from Curiositas Ltd. Edico is a patented method.

Our team has long experience in the field and in the latest technological development.