Edico Lite

Storage Capacity 1 G
Usage Duration 48 h
One Shared Folder
Features of Edico S
Free of Charge
  • Up to 3 Participants Simultaneous in a Session
  • Option to Extend Operating Time Once in an Open Session
  • Sign in with Facebook Credentials or Registry via Email

Edico S/SG

Storage Capacity 10 G
Ability to Create Shared Folders
Online Presentation
VAT included in the Price
  • Edico S (Single User)
    10€ /month or 99€ /year
  • Edico SG (Multiple Users)
    Under development
  • Up to 10 Participants Simultaneously in a Session

Edico CSG

Storage Capacity 10 G Securely Share Confidential Dcuments in a Single Folder
Annual Discount 17,5%
  • Edico C (Single User) Under development
  • Edico CSG (Multiple Users)
    Under developmentS
  • Includes Features of Edico S
How to order

You can purchase  invoice-based user licenses for your company’s or organisation’s personnel for a spcific duration of months . For users in Finland VAT is included in the price

Evaluating Suitability and Payment Methods

To ensure the service meets your needs, you can review the user manual and try out the service. Subscription of Edico S or Edico G can be paid for with a credit card. Accepted  payment cards inlude Visa, Mastercard and American Express, with VAT included. For more information, see  Edico CS/CG.

Edicto Ltd is the provider of the Edico service. Currently, Curiositas Ltd, the developer of Edico, handles invoicing with credit cards for the service of Edico S and G, and Edicto Ltd will do the invoicing on the order form, for the service of Edico C, G, CS, and CG.

This is how it works

Safe way to share files

Your files are saved on a Finnish server for as long as you want to. No one can reach them without a link and password. You can share them easily to anyone you want to – to your colleagues, family or clients.

Easy to use

There is no need to download new applications to use Edico. The receiver will need only a link and your password to join a session to see the files and materials you wanted to share with them. The presenting tools are great for salespersons. Try it for free!

No registration needed

There is no registration required in Edico Lite if you can log in with your Facebook login. When you invite someone to join a session, they won’t need to registrate or download apps, either. It works well even with a poor internet connection and smartphones, also abroad.