About Edico

Saving, sharing and presenting files in a cloud service securely without separate software or registration

Edico is a cloud service that you can use for sharing and presenting confidential documents or graphic designs safely, easily and quickly. Or you can create your private folder for saving your files without the fear of them getting into the wrong hands.

What Can I Use Edico for?

The ease and reliability of sharing and presenting files make Edico an excellent option for professionals in several different fields. Edico can be applied in, for example:

In these and many other cases, a reliable and fast way for file sharing, transferring and saving ad hoc is essential. Start using Edico today.

This is how it works

Start using

Edico gives its users keys to a "filing cabinet" on a cloud service through their account and passwords.


The cabinet has space for session folders. Users can save documents, images, and videos in them for a desired length of time.


Access to each folder can be granted to visitors with separate session keys: the address link of the folder and a password to a specific folder.

It is safe

Others do not have access to the cabinet without the keys.


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You can order user licenses for company’s or organisation’s personal for a certain time period or until further notice. Try it for free!