Edico S, G functions

Edico S / G provides the following functions for sharing and presenting information through browsers:

Edico account (especially for individuals)

  • Upon registration, the account holder will receive a key code to share and change the forgotten password. He or she can share manage passwords in the Edico G application if necessary.
  • It is possible for the user to change the password at any time.
  • The G feature allows the account holder to share logins with members of their group as users, making the folders shared and available to everyone at the same time remotely.

Session folders

  • The account owner and user can create multiple parallel folders.
  • There is no participant restriction for those invited to the folder.
  • The invitation to the folder is made by email and phone or alternatively by phone and via the Edico website.
  • It is possible to verify the user as an inviter from the phone number assigned to the account.
  • File sharing is possible between anyone logged in to the folder without participant restriction.
  • File-specific content comments and eye-catching colors make it easy to manage your files.

Sharing and viewing a file

  • Confidentiality and security are guaranteed against e-mail interception, when files are only processed through a browser and secure traffic.
  • Viewing documents directly in browsers is possible for both the user and the invited.
  • If desired, the user can set up visitor tracking to be notified when their partner visits their folder.

Electronic signature

  • If you have access to the SignHero Enterprise signing service, you can send PDFs in your folder for signing. The service will be available in Edico after the user has created a link to their SignHero service in the Edico settings.

Presentation of documents in browsers and other communication

  • Presentation is symmetrical alternately between participants for up to ten people present in the folder at the same time.
  • If desired, the user can set up visitor tracking to receive information about the visitors’ visits to their folder.
  • The order in which the file list is displayed can be changed to provide the desired slide show-like execution.
  • The chat conversation can be held between the participants in its own window and an edited memo can be saved.
  • You can start a video conference session securely with a password generated by Edico.
  • All functions are available through a telephone interface that does not need to be downloaded separately.