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Share files with groups – useful Edico features

How to share files and opinions about them, while working in a group? Edico is an excellent cloud service for sharing, saving, and presenting files for both individual and organisation’s use.

For your convenience, we listed some extremely useful features. You can use Edico for group work or present files to your colleagues. To give you a better understanding of Edico, this blog will guide you through all those elements. You can fully utilize them for your use right from the beginning.

Share files – editing the appearance of the “Files” section

You can share files in your group’s common folder. The name of the “Filename and/or Comment” box can be changed by pressing the “Edit” button next to it. The color of the box can also be changed by directly clicking on it (for example: in the place of red dots).

There are four options for you to choose: yellow, red, white, and green. Moreover, by pressing the “up and down arrows” sign next to the word “Files”, you will see the page like below. You can easily change the order of your list by following the instructions.

By using these interesting features, now you can tell your group members how important and urgent the content of the shared file is. Special details about it can be informed in the chat box. “The file in red is the most crucial” or “the file in white is for John only”. So  participants will find most important documents among several ones in a session.

Chat box – chat about your shared files

Talking about the chat-box, you should not forget these useful abilities. Cut and copy the chat log into plain text. Immediately save it as a txt or html file in the “Files” section. Choose between  the two icons following the red (for cut) and purple (for copy) arrows (as the below picture). Now the conversation can be found among your group’s saved files.

Presenting files and sharing web browsing sessions 

Have you ever felt frustrated when wanting to share a web browsing session with someone? Verbally explaining where they should navigate next is a daunting task. Edico solves that problem! Not only pdf, txt or image files but also web pages can be presented to others with Edico! You can share your web browsing session with others who have access to the same folder! 

By typing the website URL address in the “Display website” box above the “Files” section on the right, participants can show the desired web-page to their audience immediately. They do not  need to open a separate browser or write the address down in another note to make it shareable.

Presenting the Edico website

Additionally, it is possible to make sure the file and their order is right and the file format good for presenting. You can start a quick check by clicking the “Present/Show” button below the “Files” word before showing them to the audience.

Do you have any difficulty in using these features? Or do you have any questions regarding other functions? Please do not hesitate to let the Edico team know, so we can help you fully utilize the service. You can find more information about Edico such as how to send large files by visiting our blog and make an order here.

Dung Thi Thuy Bui, marketing assistant, Internship student , Edicto Oy