Send large files with Edico

How to send large files with Edico?

Sending large files is hard through e-mail. This is why many have already found cloud services that make it possible to send or share very big files with colleagues, clients, and friends. Edico cloud service provides both an easy and secure way for these needs!

Send large files with ease

With Edico S and Edico G you can send files up to 10 Mb and with the free version Edico Lite the limit is 1 Mb. You just upload your file or files to your personal Edico folder and send a link to it to those, you want to share the file with. 

Sending large files with Edico does not require downloading any applications, all you need is a web browser and connection to the internet! The recipient doesn’t need to register for the service.

Send large files – how to make it more secure?

When you send any file or message by e-mail, the connection is rarely secured. This means that outsiders can intercept your messages and make use of the information that is not meant for their eyes. This can be crucial when you are sending confidential files.

When you upload files to or download them from Edico, the connection is always secured. You don’t have to worry about the information falling into the wrong hands. To make sharing the file with others more secure, you can choose a password and send it to the recipients. But make sure you don’t send it in the same e-mail message with the link! Send the information separately, for example, the link via e-mail and password via SMS or WhatsApp. 

Edico for sending large photo and video files

Large video and photo files are often a big problem, especially when you try to send many of them at the same time. By saving them all to an Edico folder and sending the link to the whole folder to the recipients, you can share them all at the same time and there’s no need to send them by e-mail one by one. 

If you send large files, such as photos or videos via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the files get zipped into a smaller size. This makes the quality lower. When you use Edico, the quality doesn’t change and the shared photos are as good as the original.

Present the shared files

Edico also has a genius feature, that makes it possible to present your files to others! When you are all logged in to your shared folder at the same time, you can open any jpg, gif, bmp, or png file so, that the others see it, too! And you can discuss it in Edico chat at the same time. You can open a pdf multi page file as well, then you have to guide others to page.

Our presenting tool shows the original document, so the quality is much higher than when you share the whole screen.

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