Safe Remote Connection Offers A Fast Way of Sharing Information ad hoc

It is easy to set up a remote connection using Edico. All parties only need a web browser and an Internet connection. Only the creator of a session needs to log in to the service. Other parties may join the session using a link they receive and inserting a password for the session.

In a mutual Edico session, it is possible to, for example:

  • Share files and documents ad hoc
  • Present graphics
  • Communicate via a chat

With the Edico presentation tool, a smartphone can be used to control the presentation during a meeting, for instance.

Cloud Service Combined With Ease of Use 

Edico Cloud Service is available directly in your browser and joining a session is easy. You can help your client join an Edico Session during a phone conversation and present a written offer over a remote connection.  Also, presenting various types of documents can easily be done ad hoc in real time as every party can easily access the same files without having to install any software or register on any services. All this is done using an encrypted connection securing any confidential information.

Remote Connection Makes Sharing Files and Information Easier

With a remote connection, files and and information can be shared ad hoc more easily than using third party services. Also, gathering information is made easier as your client or partner will not need to sign for a new service for sharing files.

Focus on Security and Reliability 

We at Curiositas Ltd have worked on the ease of use but also on security and reliability. Your information will be handled confidentially and only the participants of the session can access them. We want to offer you a solution that makes sure that your files will be shared only with those who need them.