Possibilities Are Nearly Endless with Edico

Edico has use cases in several different sectors. Edico is useful practically any time when confidential documents are used, information is gathered or files are shared ad hoc. Below are a few examples in which Edico demonstrates value!

Use Cases

Handling Confidential Information

In sectors where a lot of confidential documents are handled, safe transfer of information and files is key. For example, at healthcare, patent, accounting and translation offices, or in legal practice the secure handling of confidential information is daily. In some cases, confidential client information may be requested that cannot be sent over email. Using Edico, the required information can be securely shared mutually in client-specific sessions ad hoc.

Gathering Materials

In creative industries, a common problem is that materials provided by clients are too large for email delivery. In most cases, cloud services that require the user to register are used. If your client is not familiar with the service, getting familiar with the third party service can delay the process and even decrease trust. To join Edico, your client will only need a session address and a password. No separate software to install, no registration – only direct transfer of information.

Tool for Sales

In sales over the phone, situations may arise when presenting a written offer or a product catalogue during the phone conversation already can lead to closing the deal sooner.
Using Edico for remote connection, the client can access an offer right away. An updated offer can be presented immediately. In business-to-business sales, presenting a confidential offer is essential and Edico is an excellent solution for that.