Share files securely ad hoc!

Edico offers a reliable, secure, easy-to-use, and quick solution.

Share and present files ad hoc!

Edico offers more reliable, more secure, more easy-to-use, and quick solution.

Present files securely ad hoc!

Edico and Swan are from Finland!

Edico is a reliable cloud service to share files and present them ad hoc over the Internet. It is fast and easy.

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What is Edicto Oy?

Securely sharing Files Without Separate Software or Registration

With Edico, you can share and present your files ad hoc over the Internet with anyone who has an Internet connection. The recipient will only need a web browser, a link to an Edico Session and a password to be ready to view the files and materials you share mutually. No separate software installations or registrations are required of anyone partaking the session.

What Can I Use Edico for?

The ease and reliability of sharing files ad hoc make Edico an excellent option for professionals in several different fields. Edico can be applied in, for example:

  • Sharing confidencial documents securely
  • Presenting offers during a remote sales presentation
  • Collection of electronic materials
  • Presentation of web pages and other material 

In these and many other cases, a reliable and fast way to share information and files ad hoc is essential. Start using Edico today.